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About us

      The Health Care Center is one part of the Student Affairs Office, under the head of  one administrator, two registered nurses, one nurse practitioner, and two administrative assistantsfor a total of six people. Additionally, we have employed part-time physicians including medical and surgical medical doctors. We are capable of caring for students' physical and mental health needs. Service units on the first floor provide physical care, including hygiene education, cafeteria and kitchen environment monitoring, freshman and faculty staff health examination, emergency medical treatment, infectious disease prevention, and medical equipment loans.


1.   Promotion of school health education programs, providing health and first aid knowledge and skills to develop the ability of teachers and students, and to further enhance physical and mental health by themselves.

2.   Maintenance of school food hygiene, water sanitation and environmental health.

3.   Mastering student health, the implementation of health abnormalities, student management and tracking, and provide preventive care consulting services.

4.   Strengthening the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and the construction and management of a complete notification system.

5.   Creating a plan to promote community health, organized cancer screening and health-promoting activities.

6.   Setting up the e-health education leaflets of the website and using the platform of electronic mail to advocate the teachers, school staff, and students.